Making Money with Apps:
Winning Strategies to Increase Revenue and Keep Users Happy

Acquiring users for your app is one challenge, capitalizing on this engagement is another. From video ads to in-app purchasing, there are many monetization options to consider - but user experience is always key to retaining engaged users. Watch along as industry experts discuss top tips to help you win in the game of app monetization.

Monetization Tips & Tricks

Opportunities in Mobile Video

Monetization: What You Need To Know Now

Mobile ads: Best practices & trends

Delivering ads that don't annoy people

Tools & tactics to increase revenue

Maximizing app revenue

Maximizing Revenue

Monetizing with UX first

Advantages of native advertising

Tips for in-app purchasing from Amazon

Evolution of Monetization Strategies

Driving revenue with eCommerce apps

Seamlessly integrating ads into apps

VR & Monetization

Power-up your monetization strategy

Using analytics to increase profitability

Different paths to profitability

What's your user worth? Understand LTV

Metrics matter: Data driven decisions

Monetize your most engaged users

Make money and keep users happy

Big Fish Games on free-to-play

Video advertising 101: What you need to know

Winning monetization strategies


Video advertising & monetization tips from the experts

Monetizing with the user in mind

Ad blocking

Monetization best practices

Real-time bidding

Opportunities with bigger screen size

6 experts share monetization tips

Leveraging data, increasing revenue

Making money with apps

Happy users means happy publishers

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