Making Money with Apps:
Winning Strategies to Increase Revenue and Keep Users Happy

Acquiring users for your app is one challenge, capitalizing on this engagement is another. From video ads to in-app purchasing, there are many monetization options to consider - but user experience is always key to retaining engaged users. Watch along as industry experts discuss top tips to help you win in the game of app monetization.

Proven Strategies

Monetization Tips & Tricks

Opportunities in Mobile Video

Monetization: What You Need To Know Now

Mobile ads: Best practices & trends

Delivering ads that don't annoy people

Tools & tactics to increase revenue

Maximizing app revenue

Maximizing Revenue

Monetizing with UX first

Advantages of native advertising

Tips for in-app purchasing from Amazon

Evolution of Monetization Strategies

Driving revenue with eCommerce apps

Seamlessly integrating ads into apps

VR & Monetization

Power-up your monetization strategy

Using analytics to increase profitability

Different paths to profitability

What's your user worth? Understand LTV

Metrics matter: Data driven decisions

Monetize your most engaged users

Make money and keep users happy

Big Fish Games on free-to-play

Video advertising 101: What you need to know

Winning monetization strategies


Video advertising & monetization tips from the experts

Monetizing with the user in mind

Ad blocking

Monetization best practices

Real-time bidding

Opportunities with bigger screen size

6 experts share monetization tips

Leveraging data, increasing revenue

Making money with apps

Happy users means happy publishers

Game publisher on monetization