In Chicago we convened local developers, publishers, industry experts and entrepreneurs at TechNexus for an afternoon of panels and presentations on engaging users and monetizing with the user in mind.


The Apps Alliance sat down with industry leaders to get their thoughts on engaging users and monetization strategies. This video explores some key tips and advice on user acquisition and monetizing with the user in mind.

Explore tips, tools and best practices for building high-performance apps that use data more efficiently. Learn how to leverage [][3] (by CTIA - The Wireless Association) and AT&T's [Applications Resource Optimizer (ARO)][4] to measure and make the most of data usage.

Acquiring users is important, but keeping them is even more paramount to an app's growth. Timing, empathy, and engagement are key factors in keeping users interested and inside your app. Hear from an expert panel on engaging and retaining users.

Generating revenue from your app starts with your user. Understanding who your users are and how they interact with your app can help drive your decision to pick a monetization model. Hear from monetization experts, app publishers, and startups about how to monetize with your users in mind.



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