In Berlin, we brought together local developers, publishers, industry experts and entrepreneurs for an afternoon of panels and presentations on app strategy and how to build a profitable app business.

Improve Your Retention Strategies Panel

  • Debate key mobile retention strategies, and hear about the analytics and tools that ensure you have a full understanding of your customer
  • Understand what leading publishers are doing to reduce user drop off, through targeted offers and messaging
  • Understand how UX, notifications, load time, power consumption and other key features affect user retention, and how you can adapt your app to keep your users engaged

Anders Lykke - Moderator (Priori Data), Paul Muller (Adjust), and Gunnar Boke (dailymeTV).

Fireside Chat With Oliver Clamp Of Millennial Media

Oliver Clamp (Millennial Media)

Monetization Strategies to Increase App Revenues (Presented by Millennial Media)

Leading app publishers and platforms teach attendees how to make money and build a business around their apps, choose monetization partners, and measure success.




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